Our Stylists

Renee Spurgeon, owner - 409-256-1312

Rosie Armstrong, stylist - 409-443-7245

Melissa Alvarez, stylist - 409-939-1216

April Auzston, stylist - 409-939-1216

Kiffrey Beard, stylist - 409-766-0423

Marcella Botello, stylist - 409-877-9433

James Brannan, stylist - 409-771-2762

Maria Cansino, stylist, assistant - 832-716-0260

Sandra Castro, stylist - 409-256-6528

Stacey Chapa, stylist

Yvonne Flores, stylist - 409-443-7013

Tia Johnson, stylist, - 409-692-6968

Monica Lea, shop assistant - 409-256-4012

Kathy Lemmons, stylist - 409-789-9525

Saima Maredia, estetician/
    eyebrow threader - 832-715-3498

Caitlyn McCall, stylists - 409-392-0842

Julian Mundell, stylist

Patrick Pickens, stylist - 409-789-0233

Cassee Scurlock, stylist - 409-392-4787

Brenda Valles, stylist - 281-236-4897

Angela Woods, stylist - 281-508-3358


Our Manicurists

Kevin Pham, manicurist and pedicurist -

Bich Tuyen Thi Do, manicurist and pedicurist

Kim, manicurist


To schedule an appointment call: 409945.7975

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Our Stylists

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Renee Spurgeon

Owner/Expert Stylist


Renee sculpts hair with an innate ability and confidence that comes from 25 plus years of experience in the business. Her clients are very loyal and love the beauty that she creates.
Renee is a color specialist who
studied at San Jacinto College.


To schedule an appointment call: 409.256.1312

To schedule an appointment call: 409.945.7975

Our Stylists

The hair industry is constantly evolving, so our stylists are always training with continuing educating on the current trends and the latest style. Their goal is to keep clients loving their hair and making long-lasting relationship along the way. Whether you want to look trendy, professional, or captivating, you can count on their skills to make you look your absolute best!

Our Clients

When a client believes they are beautiful on the outside they can begin the process to help them feel beautiful on the inside.


Let our stylists work with you one-on-one  to create the look that will make you shine!